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Total distance: approx. 48 km
Time limit: 10,5 hours
Start: Szklarska Poręba ->”Kamieńczyk” Waterfall -> Hala Szrenicka -> Śnieżne Kotły -> Przełęcz Karkonoska -> Odrodzenie Shelter -> red trail -> Dom Śląski Shelter -> Śnieżka -> Czarny Grzbiet  ->  Jelenka -> Sowia Przełęcz -> Kowarski Grzbiet (red trail) -> Przełęcz Okraj -> green trail, then yellow trail through Jedlickie Kaskady -> Jedlinki -> yellow trail -> Budniki -> green hiking trail -> Szeroki Most -> Wilcza Poręba -> Stok Kolorowa -> Finish: Main pedestrian street in Karpacz

Refreshment stations:
Shelter at Hala Szrenicka 4 km
Odrodzenie Shelter 15 km
Dom Śląski Shelter – hot meal 23 km
Przełęcz Okraj 32 km
Finish line – hot meal approx. 48 km

At the finish line, the participants will have a chance to use facility rooms, showers, and collect deposits handed to the organizers before the run.

The runners will be taken to the start line by joint transport provided by the organizers. The meeting place is in front of the Race Office in Karpacz. Before leaving for the race, the equipment of the runners will be checked for mandatory items. Details regarding the exact hours will be provided at a later date.
Note! Mandatory equipment may also be checked during the race and will be particularly inspected at the finish line.

Visualisation (caution! the start takes place in a different spot in 2021):



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