date: 6-8 March 2020
I. Event objective
1. Promotion of Karkonosze Mountains tourism.
2. Popularization of a healthy and active lifestyle.
3. Popularization of long-distance mountain runs and winter mountaineering.
II. Organizers
Anna Kautz +48607590756
Agnieszka Korpal +48698741672

Poco Loco Adventure Association
Ul. Taczaka 23/4
61-819 Poznań

The race is safeguarded by The Karkonosze Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service (GOPR)

III. Race program
Friday 6 March 2020
The Race Office – Karpacz, Hotel Mieszko
Office hours: 2 pm – 10 pm

Technical briefing – 8 pm (MANDATORY)
Tomek Kowalski Memoir (30-minute movie) – 9 pm

Saturday 7 March 2020:
5:30 am – meeting time, Karpacz
5:30 am – 6:15 am – inspection of mandatory equipment upon boarding buses
6:15 am – departure of buses for Jakuszyce
(If a participant is late for the departure, he or she will have to reach the start line on their own)
7:15 am – meeting at the Start line at Polana Jakuszycka, Jakuszyce
7:30 am – START of the 3rd Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon
6:00 pm – Official time limit to reach the Finish line in Karpacz
8:00 pm – End of the event, awards ceremony, integration party at Hotel Mieszko

Sunday 10 March 2020
Back-up day

IV. Route
1. The whole route leads along the Karkonosze tourist trails.
2. Start: Polana Jakuszycka -> green trail -> “Kamieńczyk” Waterfall -> Hala Szrenicka -> Śnieżne Kotły -> Przełęcz Karkonoska -> “Odrodzenie” Shelter -> red ridge trail -> “Dom Śląski” Shelter -> Śnieżka -> red trail-> Czarny Grzbiet -> Jelenka -> Sowia Przełęcz -> Kowarski Grzbiet (red trail) ->Przełęcz Okraj -> green trail, then yellow trail through Jedlickie Kaskady ->Jedlinki -> yellow trail -> Budniki -> Szeroki Most -> Wilcza Poręba -> “Kolorowa” ski slope-> Finish: Main pedestrian street in Karpacz
3. Distance – approx. 54 km
4. Gradient: ascents in total – approx. 2080 m; descents in total – approx. 2340 m

V. Refreshment stations
1.  Shelter at Hala Szrenicka
2. “Odrodzenie” Shelter
3. “Dom Śląski” Shelter – hot meal
4. The Okraj Pass
5. Finish line – hot meal

VI. Limits and route organization
1. Time limit for the whole run is 10,5 hours. The limit for the whole run and limits for individual sections may be changed. Any such changes will be communicated to the Runners by means of messages contained in the News tab on the official Web site or our Facebook profile.
2. There are 4 time limits that must be met during the race. In the case a participant exceeds the time limit he or she can no longer continue the run and must return their starting number to an Official.
a) Hala Szrenicka – 9:30 am
b) “Odrodzenie” Shelter – 12 am
c) “Dom Śląski” Shelter – 1:30 pm
d) Przełęcz Okraj – 4 pm
3. During the whole race, participants must follow the route set by the organizer. The whole route will be signed using yellow coloured tapes, especially on the crossroads or any place easy to misunderstand. All the wrong routes will be signed using red coloured tapes.
4. A participant must wear their starting number at all times. A starting number must be placed in the front so that it is visible to an Official.
5. It is forbidden to benefit from aid of any third parties or deposit equipment and food along the route. It is permitted to help only at the Refreshment Points.
6. It is forbidden to destroy, cover or change the location of tourist trail markings and signs made by the organizer and thus mislead other participants.
7. It is forbidden to undertake any activities that may damage the natural beauty of landscapes passed during the run, in particular concerning such activities as: littering (any waste must be left at control stations, shelters or finish line), destroying greenery, disturbing peace in the vicinity of nature reserves, starting fires etc.
8. Participants breaching the rules will receive time penalties or will be disqualified.
9. It is forbidden to resign from participation in the run elsewhere than at the refreshment stations, locations of Officials and GOPR rescuers. This is necessary in order to maintain safety. It is not allowed to leave the race without informing an Official, organizer or GOPR rescuer. In the case a participant withdraws from the run, he or she must return their starting number. Runners who will not inform about their withdrawal may be incurred with costs of groundless search and rescue.
10. There will be Officials at the refreshment stations as well as other points on the route.
11. At the start line, the mandatory equipment of each participant will be subject to inspection. Mandatory equipment may also be checked during the race and will be checked at the finish line. Incomplete equipment may result in disqualification or time penalties.

VII. Conditions of Participation
1. A participant of the Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon may be a person meeting the selection criteria who, prior to the day of the run, reaches the age of 18, has a valid passport or ID and:
– applies and pays the participation fee
– signs a declaration confirming a good health condition allowing a long-lasting physical activity such as a long-distance mountain run and a declaration confirming the participation at their own risk.
2. In order to qualify for participation in the Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon, each participant must have completed a minimum of two mountain runs within a set time limit and with a distance of at least a marathon (in the period between 1/1/2017 and 6/11/2019).
3. Participation in the qualification runs will be verified on the basis of the direct links to the results submitted in applications.
4. Registration – applications may be submitted only by completing an electronic registration form, available on the official Web site of the run between 6.11.2019 (at noon) until closing on 12.11.2019 (at noon).
5. Should there be a higher request than the number of places available, participants shall be selected at random (the draw) from all pre-registered applicants and not on a first come basis.
6. The draw among registered and verified by organizer athlets will take place after the registration closing. The Registration List will be published on the official website on the 18th of November 2019 at noon. Those who has been selected to participate in the race shall pay the registration fee within 7 days.
7. In the way of a draw organizer will choose 400 athlets that will be listed on the Registration List plus 50 people that will get on a Standby List. After the Organizer verifies payments, any vacancies on the Registration List will be filled according to the order from the Standby List.

VII. Applications
1. The Registration List will be published on the official website on 6th of November 2019.
2. In order to participate in the run an applicant must send an application form and pay the participation fee within 7 days from the day of publishing his name on the Registration List.
3. Application limit: 400 people plus 30 of the organizer’s list.
4. An application is completed after correct completion of an application form on the official Web site and payment of the participation fee.
5. An application is deemed invalid if submitted after the deadline or if a participant does not apply electronically or if it is sent after the application limit has been reached.
6. The Karkonosze GOPR rescuers are exempt from the participation fee and qualifying runs and GOPR rescuers from other regions are provided with a 50% discount.
7. Following the registration of an application and receiving of the participation fee, a participant’s data (name and surname) will be published on the Start List on the official Web site. The race may be attended only by the participants entered onto the verified Start List who successfully submitted an application and settled the participation fee.
8. The Start List shall be completed according to the order of application submission, participation in qualifying races, and settlement of the participation fee.

VIII The participation fee
1. The participation fee is:
– 300 PLN (75 euros)
2. The amount shall be paid to the below bank account number.
The bank account number: PL37 1140 2004 0000 3502 7827 7708
Poco Loco Adventure Association
ul. Taczaka 23/4
61-819 Poznań, Poland
The transfer title should state „Ultramarathon” and include the applicant’s name and surname.
3. In the case a participant fails to attend the run, he or she shall not be entitled to reimbursement of the participation fee.
4. It is not possible to change the bib with another athlete.
5. In the case a participant withdraws from the Competition, the organizer shall reimburse the participation fee minus the organizational costs:
• by 31 December 2019 –70% reimbursement,
• by 31 January 2020 –50 % reimbursement.
Persons who will withdraw from the run after 01 February 2020 will not be entitled to reimbursement of the participation fee.
6. The participation fee entitles to:
– entry to the Karkonosze National Park
– insurance for the duration of the run valid in the territory of Poland and Czech Republic
– two hot meals – at one of the refreshment stations and on the finish line
– beverages (still water, isotonic, coffee, tea) and snacks (fruit, cookies) at the refreshment stations
– deposit bag
– transport to the start line (Karpacz – Polana Jakuszycka)
– GOPR rescue services during the run
– cups and awards for the winners
– commemorative T-shirt and a medal
IX. The race office
Starter kits will be provided to participants in the race office located in Karpacz.
The race office will be open on Friday, 6 March 2020 between 2 pm and 10 pm.
Each participant must personally sign a declaration and pass verification. Only then, he or she will receive a starter kit. A starter kit may be collected by a third person only if a participant withdraws from the competition. He is then obliged to send an e-mail to the organizer stating a name of a person collecting the kit on their behalf.
Starter kits will be provided upon presentation of a valid ID or other identity card.

X. Classification
There will be separate OPEN classifications for Women and Men.
First 9 men and first 6 women will be awarded.

XI. Mandatory equipment
1. Each participant, during the whole run, must carry the mandatory equipment comprising:
– clothing adapted to winter weather conditions
– watertight and windproof long sleeve jacket
– 1 pair of gloves (watertight, windproof)
– hat/buff
– additional warming long sleeve layer
– backpack or waist bag containing all THE MANDATORY EQUIPMENT
– headlamp with fully charged batteries
– pair of chemical warmers (packed)
– water bottle with at least 1 liter capacity
– switched on and charged mobile phone (with roaming) containing emergency and organizer’s numbers
– ID or valid passport
– space blanket with a minimum size of 140 x 200cm
– whistle
– red flashing light (attached to a backpack, waist bag or back clothing item)
– starting number (attached in a visible place – provided by the organizer)
– route map – provided by the organizer
LACK of any item from a mandatory equipment list during the competition (from start line to finish line) may result in disqualification or time penalties.
2. Recommended equipment:
– mini crampons (highly recommended)
– snowshoes
– GPS receiver with a route map
– crampons
– footwear with spikes
– footwear with Gore-tex membrane
– gaiters
– waterproof and windproof pants
– trekking poles
3. Before boarding buses transporting participants from Karpacz to Jakuszyce, the runners’ equipment will be checked for mandatory items. The equipment may also be checked during the race and at the finish line.
4. Participants who are absent during the inspection in Karpacz must appear before the organizer at Polana Jakuszycka by 7:00 am, for the purpose of the mandatory equipment verification.

XII. Safety
1. The competition is safeguarded by the Karkonosze GOPR rescuers.
2. GOPR emergency vehicle with visual or audible warning signals is given absolute priority regardless the direction of travel.
3. Emergency foot patrol with means of transport is given absolute priority on the route.
4. For safety reasons, the organizer may change or shorten the route or postpone the competition until the back-up day, i.e. Sunday 8 March 2020. The route may be shortened by the organizers together with GOPR rescuers on the day prior to or during the competition.
In the case the run is interrupted, the classification will be based on the so called split times (measured at refreshment stations) or last times that were recorded by Officials during the run.
5. In the case of extremely unfavorable atmospheric conditions the competition may be cancelled. The run may be cancelled by the organizer in consultation with the Karkonosze GOPR rescuers.
In the event the run is cancelled for reasons beyond the organizer’s control, the participation fee will not be reimbursed.
6. Time limit for the whole run is 10,5 hours. In the case a participant exceeds the time limit set for each refreshment and Officials station, he or she will not be allowed to continue with the race.
7. Participants withdrawing from the race will have a chance to stay in a shelter. They will be allowed to leave a shelter only under the supervision of a person designated by the organizer. Participants will reach Karpacz in small groups. Persons suffering from excessive loss of temperature or those who have lost their strength will be ensured overnight accommodation in a shelter.
A participant will be allowed to leave a shelter on their own upon submitting a written resignation from the competition and declaration confirming intent to leave a shelter at their own risk.
8. During the run, participants must pay particular attention to other runners. Weather conditions may be very difficult. A sudden loss of temperature, fog, and snowfalls may put the well-being of participants at risk. We kindly ask participants to ensure mutual assistance. If the need arises, please inform the organizer, Officials, or GOPR rescuers staying on the route and in the designated stations, about the problem.
9. A team consisting of at least two Officials designated by the organizer will follow the last competitor.
10. A route map provided for each participant will include emergency and organizer’s numbers.
11. Participants will be informed about any icy areas occurring on the route. These places will be clearly marked and guarded by additional Officials.
12. Each participant must sign a declaration confirming participation in the run at their own responsibility and risk.
13. Participants must use district and national roads in a way indicated or imposed by the organizer, Police or Municipal Guard. They are also obliged to comply with instructions of the organizer, Police or Municipal Guard.
14. Participants undertake to be extremely careful when passing asphalt roads and railways and running through asphalt roads as well as to fully comply with warning signs of the organizer and instructions of the Police and the organizer’s security personnel. When running through public roads participants undertake to abide by the Traffic Code.
XIII. Nature protection
1. Throughout the whole run, participants must comply with nature protection principles included in the Karkonosze National Park regulations. In particular participants are prohibited to:
– litter (including for example: throwing away nutritional supplements packaging, bottles, cups – any waste must be left at control stations);
– leave the designated route
XIII. Final provisions
1. Provisions may be changed prior to the competition. Participants will be informed about any such changes in the form of a pre-start notification published in the News tab on the official Web site.
2. Participants are responsible to comply with safety rules during the run.
3. Participants take part in the competition on their own responsibility and it case they suffer from any injuries or material damage they will not lodge any claims against the organizers.
4. The organizers will not provide transport services for participants who withdrew from the competition during the run.
5. Participants shall comply with the Karkonosze National Park regulations. Going off trails (route shortening) and littering will provide the basis for disqualification.
6. The organizer does not ensure accommodation.
7. By taking part in the competition, all participants give their consent to publication of their image in materials from the event published in the media and promotional materials of the organizers, media patrons, and sponsors.
8. By taking part in the competition, all participants give their consent to the processing of personal data and using their image for the purpose related to the execution of the competition and for the marketing purposes of organizers, media patrons, and sponsors.
9. The organizers reserve the right to decide on the final interpretation of the above rules.